Company profile and general description

In facing strong global competitio in the cold forging industry, however the developing trends of forging technology of motorcycle parts that filled with challenges and excitement just like fashion, the diversity and cycle of products is unpredictable and extremely fast. The competition of industry trend also becomes fierce, therefore our company leads a major reform on industry by technology been thoroughly trained.

In order to enhance and reform this industry, our company vigorously indulge in developing cold forging presses of multi-servo toggle to provide automated production, so to achieve the best plasticity of finished product which saves material and increase competitiveness. The forging industry started with free forging early in the first century, and later with the industrial development and trend, forging machines appeared. The majority of them are hot forging and then there were cold forging and warm forging. The developments of cold forging in the industry nowaday is limited, it is because material and large deformation factors that cold forging needs, therefore how to choose a proper forging machine plays a considerable factor.


Which goes directly down to the bottom dead position, with rising curve in straight, there are neither acceleration nor deceleration during transmission process. Therefore, for low-carbon material, the production speed is fast and tool life can also be increased; but if it is applied on high carbon steel or alloy material, it will result in break down of stream line and tool worn.


Which is activated by the crankshaft, carrying connecting rod to move and then rail is driven up and down, when connecting rod goes down to 150 ° equal to lower dead position, the slider stays 60° seconds. The processing speed is very fast that is suitable for short products and reformation.


Is installed in a big gear with a rod, and an eccentric crankshaft is driven, when the big gear rotates, the rod follows, when connecting rod goes to a certain angle, the eccentric crankshaft and connecting rod will turn slower, the slide will then slow down. The acceleration and deceleration is fixed and can not be changed. Connecting rod forging machine is suitable for extrusion of long alloy tube piece, its stability of the lower dead position is inferior to that of toggle forging machine.


We have performance of several machines in the market during many years. The advantage of toggle presses is that there is static within the lower dead position which helps to stablize material change and improve quality; further, with the servo motor driving, the speed can be adjusted according to size, length of work-piece that reduces mold friction and reduces material deformation. The speed is the most important factors that affects forging:

Hot forging speed 19m ~ 21m/min
Warm forging speed 15m ~ 18m/min
Forging carbon copper, copper alloy speed 2m ~ 5m/min


Our purpose is to offer our professional forging technique so that every our customer can get satisfactory forging products. Above all, we have the potential to provide our customers with best solutions for saving materials and realizing customer requirements.

  • Saving Materials
  • Realizing Requirements

Therefore, this potential is a core value enough for us to compete with other opponents in forging industry.