A: 1. Cutting of the workpiece is made from a rod which is not calibrated Ф28-30mm., cutting length depends on the type of nut .
2. Use Hot crank press: Then operator moves heated bulk product at the exit of the induction furnace to the 3-station stamp press. Three single working stations forms one product. First station, the workpiece is pressed. Then, is main hot forging. The second station punches the hole of the nut.
3. CNC Lathe: The workpiece needs to be processed again by lathe before it is formed.
4. Thread turning is made on multipurpose lathes , manual piece loading and unloading parts.

The transfer of the workpiece from station to station is manually accomplished by special Tool, no automation at all.This technology is inefficient .
A: The Alloy Steel Wire Rod needs Pickling and Phosphate ,without annealed.
JPF Series -FULL-AUTOMATIC CUTTING AND FLATTENING MACHINE ,Wire feeder and straightening machine are in accordance with the wire diameter specified at the time of quoting.

After FULL-AUTOMATIC CUTTING AND FLATTENING MACHINE, it shall be spheroidically annealed, and then is treated by① hydrochloric acid ②cleaning ③Pickling, Phosphate and Lubricant .

As for the SERVO KNUCKLE PRESS, after the former processes, materials are sent to the auto transfer device through the ARRAYING FEEDER, and then it is shaped after the 5-stage cold forging.
A: We design and develop the servo knuckle cold forging press. Presses shall be durable and power saving, manipulator’s replacement is accurate and handy, and assembly and disassembly of mold are safe and quick. The three items work together can give full play to its function and reach the requirements.

1. Reduction of human power and increase of technology
2. Increase of production quantity and stabilization of quality
3. Green energy (Power saving)
4. Reduction of mold cost
5. Reduction of costs and pollutions in processes, like film treatment, annealing treatment, man-hour reduction of manpower handling. This is the requirement and goal should be reached by all manufacturers.